Where to go

Paraguay is a tranquil country known for its friendly people and the untouched wilderness of the vast Chaco area.  A landlocked country bordering Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, the country receives relatively few visitors.

Highlights include:

  • Iguassu Falls, bordering Argentina and Brazil, one of South America’s highlights and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, easily visited from Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este.
  • The Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and Jesus, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and considered some of the most impressive and best preserved creations of the Jesuits.
  • Asuncion, the friendly capital city of Paraguay with its mix of modern malls, magnificent mansions and riverside parks.
  • Itaipú, the largest hydroelectric dam in the world, as tall as a 55-story building and stretching over five miles from tip to tip.

What to do

  • Explore the colonial capital city of Asunción, a thriving river port and one of South America’s oldest cities.
  • Take a cruise on the Rio Paraguay and enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape. 
  • Explore the impressive Jesuit ruins of Trinidad and Jesus.
  • Visit Itaipú dam during a stay at Iguassu Falls.
  • Go bird watching in the Chaco region in the north and west of Paraguay.  The Chaco wide plains are home to a huge number of birds and other wildlife.  Here you can also visit the unique Mennonite settlements where immigrants from Germany, Russia and Canada sought religious freedom.

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When to go

With a sub-tropical climate and temperatures ranging between 25 °C -38°C, low-lying Paraguay is a year-round destination.  The best time to travel is between May and September when it is cooler and dryer.  The rainy season runs during Paraguay’s summer from October to April. 

Currency and money

Guarani.  ATMs are easily available in larger towns and major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.  Exceptionally good value for money with good quality hotels.


You will find a great range of restaurants in the larger cities serving cuisine from around the world.   Local cuisine has a strong Brazilian influence with popular dishes comprised of beef or chicken with corn and fresh fava beans.  


There is a wide range of accommodation in Paraguay ranging from the large international hotel chains to smaller locally-owned properties and apartments. 

Where to go next

We recommend combining Paraguay with a trip to Argentina, Brazil or Bolivia.  A nice itinerary starts at Asuncion with a day or two here to explore the capital city before continuing overland by bus or private car to the city of Encarnación, your base to visit the Jesuit Ruins of Trinidad and Jesus.   From Encarnación, continue overland to Ciudad del Este and across the border to the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls to continue your travels in Brazil. 


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